Balakrishna-Young-Getup-LookFor many years Balakrishna was trolled for having bad getups in his movies. Especially his atrocious wigs in films like Ruler, Veerabhadra, Maharadhi, and Lion got him a lot of flak from the audience.

But things seem to have changed now. In Akhanda, Balakrishna’s makeover was much appreciated, and now even in his next film, NBK107, he is looking dashing.

Today, a pic of Balayya from the sets of NBK107 is making rounds on social media, where he can be seen in jeans and a khaki shirt. This seems to be the getup for the younger Balayya’s role in the film. Nandamuri fans are very happy with the getup as the wig looks really cool, and NBK is looking slim and very much in shape.

The response to this young getup from the normal audience is also good. As they say, if the first impression is good, then half the battle is won.

Looks like Balayya will witness one of the best phases in his career as all of his upcoming films look promising.