Balakrishna Fans Trust BoyapatiBalakrishna’s Akhanda is arriving on December 2. Helmed by Boyapati Srinu, fans are excited to catch this crazy combination for the third time. Meanwhile, Akhanda runtime is finalised which stands at 2 hours 47 minutes.

At a time when filmmakers are going for shorter runtime, it is surprising that Boyapati Srinu has gone for a lengthy runtime. Making the audience glued to their seats for a long time is no ordinary feat as audience goes restless with lengthy runtime.

It is learnt that Balakrishna plays a dual role; the role of Aghora which has a connection with flashback involves a major chunk. Chopping off crucial scenes could make the film clueless thus Boyapati is said to have retained the part.

Having said that, Balakrishna and Boyapati Srinu’s combination is one of the most look forward by the fans. The filmmaker is known for presenting Balakrishna in a massiest avatar, mouthing powerful dialogues making it a complete feast for the fans. Thus, fans trust Boyapati’s instinct.