Balayya & Chiru To Eclipse Everyone!Not many things related to the Telugu film industry can be as exciting as a direct box office clash between two veterans Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna. We might get to witness the same during the next Sankranthi season.

As per the latest reports, Balakrishna and Chiru might be taking on each other at the box office next Sankranthi with NBK107 and Chiru154 respectively.

It is all but confirmed that the two senior stars will have new releases next festival season. The release dates are yet to be announced but what is for certain is that they will indeed release with very little gap next Sankrathi.

A head-on box office clash between Chiru and Balayya should most certainly eclipse other releases like Prabhas’s Adipurush and Vijay’s Varisu. All the emphasis and focus will be on the Chiru-Balayya clash which will also be fueled by the obvious fan wars between Mega and Nandamuri camps.

More importantly, Chiru154 and NBK107 are the better hyped films in the line ups of Balayya and Chiru. So, there are no favorites here for now. Whichever film gets the good talk is sure to take the box office by storm.