Balakrishna Responds On Akkineni CommentsThere has been a huge controversy over Balakrishna’s recent comment at Veera Simha Reddy success meet event. All hell broke loose after he said “Akkineni Thokkineni”. Akkineni fans have been fuming at him over the same.

Balakrishna has now taken it upon himself to settle the controversy once and for all as he came up with a brief statement.

“ANR garu loved me more than his kids. He is a legendary personality. He was the first recipient of the national award that was named after my father Sr NTR. I used to fondly call him Babai.” Balakrishna stated.

Balayya added that his love for ANR will be in his heart and he doesn’t care about any controversy that happens outside of it. He seemed affectionate about ANR in the statement.

Well, Akkineni fans have been calling out Balakrishna over the past few days. They even staged a protest in Hyderabad last evening. Will this affirmative statement from Balakrishna be enough to settle the fiasco? We shall wait and see.