Nandamuri Balakrishna - Jr NTRA video from the interval of Andhrawala producer, Avula Giri went viral on social media. The producer claims that Balakrishna abused him for giving theaters (Giri is also a distributor) to NTR’s Ninu Choodalani (Tarak’s debut film). The clip is going viral on social media with a section of NTR fans claiming the actor has no support from the family.

Another section is also abusing Balakrishna. We tried to decipher into the issue with senior fans who are neutral to know the real facts. “Back then, there are no only fans as such. Tarak was supported by Nandamuri fans. There is no bias in fans back then,” a Senior fan from West Godavari told us.

“Ninnu Choodalani was replacing Narasimha Naidu in some theaters just before the 175 days run. The distributors of Ninnu Choodalani and Nagarjuna’s Bava Nachadu are the same. They came up with an intelligent plan. They would screen NTR’s film for two weeks and replace it for Bava Nachadu,” he said.

“It is actually a plan to help Nagarjuna’s film. Since Balakrishna’s film would not be vacated for Nagarjuna’s film. They tried to play the game with Tarak. Fans were ready to give the theater for Ninnu Choodalani but not for two weeks. We wanted the distributor to commit at least for 50 days,” he revealed.

“Why would we lose 175 days feat for Nagarjuna’s film? When things were not happening, we approached Balakrishna and pressurized him to talk to the distributor so that the issue is solved. The angry of Balakrishna is about the double standards of the distributor,” he revealed.

“Ninnu Choodalani is a film of Ramoji Rao who used to have theaters in RTC X Roads. Those should be enough for a newcomer’s film. But the distributors want Devi theater which is playing Narasimha Naidu. That is actually for Bava Nachadu in the name of NTR,” another fan from Nizam told us.