Mahesh with Vikram Singh

Vikram Singh, who has signed for Mahesh Babu’s next film is emerging as the Tollywood’s newest villain and seems to be quite happy about it. In a recent chat, Vikram talked about his visions and future projects.

About landing on this role, Vikram explained that, “Well, I don’t really look like a typical baddie. I’ve acted in six Bollywood films playing the lead role. A friend of mine suggested that I go meet director Lawrence, who had come to Mumbai scouting for a villain for Rebel. I met him at a hotel and he liked me very much and immediately confirmed me for the part.”

Despite everything, Vikram is very spirited about this character. He said that, “I play a typical baddie in the movie. There are lots of high voltage action sequences between me and Mahesh Babu in the film. In fact, the action episodes are going to be out of the world. I am a big adventure buff and being a villain you get to do a lot of action sequences, so it makes it more special.”