check Movie US Premiers shows bad weather collectionsUS market is too far from being normal after the pandemic. No Telugu movie even managed $200K so far. As if the COVID problems are not enough, bad weather is also playing a spoilsport. Naandhi had to cancel their premieres due to the bad weather prevailing in major pockets.

The weather continues to be rogue for this weekend as well. Major markets like Texas suffers due to heavy snow. Nithin’s Check is trying to overcome that with some good planning. The advance booking of the film has opened well before and the booking so far look decent if not great.

The numbers are backed by some excellent planning of the US distributor but weather has come as a hindrance. Check is also getting the biggest release after the Pandemic. Yeleti is known for doing films friendly to the Overseas audience. Hence, the movie has decent chances in the US markets.

Let us see if the movie can make a mark at the US Box Office and post good numbers which can indicate the coming back of the good old days.