Siddharth’s Something Something and Varun Sandesh’s Saradaga Ammayitho are trying their luck at the box office. Thanks to the absence of big releases at the box office, they managed to find decent number of theaters. When everything looked good, Gods have other ideas for the struggling heroes. The persistent rains and the Chalo Assembly program as the part of Telangana agitation played spoilsport in the movie openings.

Due to Chalo Assembly program, Buses and trains in several routes have been cancelled. Flyovers have been closed. Schools, colleges and many institutions have been shut down. There is so much of Police Patrolling on roads and they are allowing people who show ID cards to commute. Or else they are being detained till evening. The openings at several centers took a deep dip with morning shows getting cancelled. We will have to see how the situation turns out for the remaining shows.