Back to Back New Movies Aha Video Aha Video is definitely giving a tough fight to Amazon Prime Video and is gradually on the way of making its place in the digital world as the first and successful regional digital platform in Telugu. Until the arrival of Aha, most of the new Telugu films used to go to Prime.

But now, Aha is grabbing the streaming rights of new movies back-to-back. According to the latest updates, ‘Zombie Reddy’ and ‘Gaali Sampath’ are going to stream on Aha on 26th March and 19th March respectively.

Of course, as expected, ‘Chaavu Kaburu Challaga’ also went for Aha Video. The digital platform has a strong financial backup and that’s showing in the form of acquiring digital streaming rights of the newly released movies.

That means Aha would acquire more subscribers and build a strong base in the coming days. Most of the regional audiences used to be Amazon Prime subscribers, but if the new releases are going to Aha, definitely there would be a shift in the current trend. What say?