Back to Back Interviews: This Villain Behaving Like Hero

s3-villain-thakur-anoop-singhThe big burden of carrying a film’s load entirely rests on the hero of a big budget film as the makers sell the film in the name of the star hero. So, a star hero needs to be the crucial person promoting his film to attract audiences to theaters.

But, in the case of Suriya’s ‘S 3’, Thakur Anoop Singh who is playing the villain in the movie is equally promoting the film. He is giving back to back interviews and sharing the updates of the movie like a hero does for promoting his film. This actor is making his acting debut in South movies with ‘S 3’.

Anoop Singh is already a known name for Bollywood audiences by virtue of his popular television series ‘Mahabharata’. He is using this popularity for giving interviews to Bollywood tabloids and websites. The film is set for Christmas eve release and Anoop Singh’s posters are circulating in media.

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