Babu - most wanted villain

Jagapthi Babu has struck a goldmine with his recent performance in Balakrishna-starrer ‘Legend’. Following the overwhelming success of ‘Legend’ and Jagapathi’s performance in the film, the actor has now become the most wanted villain in the industry. He has been flooded with offers to play antagonists in some big-budget films soon.

The offers are pouring in for Jagapthi not merely because of his performance in ‘Legend’, but due to the fact that the industry has finally found a Telugu speaking villain, all filmmakers have expressed a lot of interest in Jagapthi. Telugu industry has been populated with villains from Bollywood who can hardly speak the language and that has been the major concern of Telugu filmmakers all these years. But the entry of Jagapthi as villain has change things in the industry for good.

Jagapthi, however, hasn’t signed any film yet and is apparently listening to a lot of scripts. He feels it is during times like these that one could get completely stereotyped in a role. Therefore, he’s being extremely careful about his selection of roles.