Babu Bangaram, Babu Bangaram Box Office Collections, Babu Bangaram Weekend Collections, Babu Bangaram Nizam Box Office Collections, Babu Bangaram Andhra Box Office Collections, Babu Bangaram Ceded Box Office Collections, Babu Bangaram Overseas Box Office CollectionsOnce again we are witnessing a film that is braving the critics and doing better than what was expected of it post a critical thrashing. The film is Babu Bangaram starring Venkatesh.

Babu Bangaram had opened with poor reviews just like the films Kabali and Jakkanna in recent times. All these films, fortunately, were not affected by the critical failure at least till the weekend. The collections were good and they went on to achieve break-even status in few areas.

Babu Babu is following a similar trajectory and is going to have a solid weekend. The second was good and third day looks even better. With Monday being Independence Day holiday, the overall week is expected to put up good numbers, feels the trade. It also shows the star power of the actor who is drawing in crowds braving the critics.