Babu Bangaram Premiere, Babu Bangaram Premiere Collections, Babu Bangaram Premiere USA Collections, Babu Bangaram Premiere Overseas Collections‘Babu Bangaram’ has created a record of its own collecting $177,045 from the premiere collections alone. This figure is the highest for premiere collections of senior heroes’s films as solo heroes. This shows the positive hype and the interest the film has created among overseas audiences.

The record collections for premieres also speaks a lot about how audiences are interested to see Maruthi’s film after his Bhale Bhale Magadivoy turned a huge hit in overseas. But, will this interest of the overseas audiences sustain in the coming days?

One can’t say as the reviews on the film had been not so positive. There are mixed reviews on the movie. We can’t expect the same kind of collections. In domestic market, ‘Babu Bangaram’ is getting mixed response with an entertaining first half and a dull second half.