The remake of Hindi adult comedy Hunterr, Babu Baga Busy starring Avasarala Srinivasa as the lead actor with Supriya, Tejaswi, Mishty and Sri Mukhi playing the female leads was excitedly awaited by a section of audiences. But the film hit a snag with the censor board before it could even be released.

Quite contrary to Avasarala’s onscreen image of a shy next-door type persona, this film is a sex comedy with the expected liplocks and explicit content.

The censor board initially did not agree to clear the film clarifying that it had a lot of adult content. But after some persuasion from the director who even showed them the Hindi film which was of course cleared by the Mumbai censor board, they finally relented and cleared the film.

The film, Babu Baga Busy is now set for release on May 5.