Babu Baaga Busy Heroine Supriya Not Worried About The Tag Supriya, a beautiful theatre artist is making her debut with the adult comedy ‘Babu Baaga Busy‘ as one of the female leads of the movie opposite Avasarala Srinivas. She looked really fresh in terms of both looks and performance. Is she worried about the tag she is going to get for featuring in an adult comedy with bold content?

“Not at all,” said Supriya who seemed to be damn sure on the portrayal of a role with intense sexual content. The actress is pretty much sure and confident that she has done well as per the requirements of the character. The trailer showcased some bold scenes. Hence, we aren’t left with any doubt regarding the bold content.

Another female lead Tejaswi Madivada said that her character in the movie is indeed very bold and she is looking forward for the audiences’ reaction to it. What we have got to see in the trailer is enough to say that there are more bold scenes coming. How Telugu audiences welcome such bold content is left to be seen. Just wait.