How Baahubali food cravings instigate Kattappa to killWhile we know that Rajamouli isn’t going to allow even a clue to leak from his team regarding ‘Baahubali, The Conclusion’ on why Kattappa killed Baahubali, people aren’t tired to shoot videos to come up with a hilarious reason for killing Baahubali.

The latest video in discussion is done by ‘PutChutneys’ which has a hilarious version of the story. Baahubali keeps on pestering Kattappa for food and never allows the later to have his food even in secrecy. Whenever Kattapa starts to take the first morsel, Baahubali is seen in attendance snatching away the food.

After the war episodes, Lord Krishna appears before Kattapa and gives him a bowl of food to eat finally but Baahubali comes again and snatches away the food bowl. Thus Kattappa kills Baahubali vexed by his constant food cravings. That seems to be one of the hilarious best of the lot! What say?