Baahubali must be the only movie that has got such a hype all over India. There are fans in every corner of the country now and it is proved yet again. Rajwadu, a famous hotel in Ahmedabad has introduced Baahubali Thali on the occasion of the Baahubali conclusion release.

The thali as you see in the picture is actually of Baahubali size and probably only a Baahubali can finish all the items in the thali. It is so huge. Mr. Patels, the owners of the hotel, along with their family are the big fans of the film as they say and they are giving a tribute to the movie in their style.

Rajwadu has known for its theme based ambiance and now they seem to be nailing the Baahubali theme with such a big menu. Another interesting part is that Baahubali team have had the opportunity to experience the “Baahubali Thali” during the promotion.