Baahubali Photos

The reputed South Indian film director S. S. Rajamouli has another film on the way. The contemporary style film named “Baahubali” is expected to star Prabhas and Rana who are already learning the sword fight required for the movie alongside Anushka.

Essentially, the name of the film marks its connection to Karnataka history even though ‘Baahubali’ (Gomateshwara) is the name of a Jain religion that which has a wide fan base. From the history of Karnataka perspective, ‘Bharata and Baahubali’ were brothers. In the story, after a fierce battle with Bharata, Baahubali renounces everything and goes to do penance. Baahubali then comes to be known as ‘Gommateshwara’ and a massive statue in his honour stands 59 feet tall on the hill Vindhyagiri at Shravanabelgola near Mysore.

The groundwork of the film has already begun and shooting is expected to start soon.