Baahubali shifted base to Alwal

As we mentioned earlier that Baahubali is carrying out it’s second schedule in lavish set at Ramoji film city and for some scenes movie base has been shifted to Rajaji International Institute Alwal, Hyderabad. Very important scenes have been filmed over there with a 200 members crew and shooting will continue for two more days then film unit will be back to Ramoji film city.

Sources say Rajamouli is taking this project very personally and this effect can be sensed in the actors working in Baahubali. Hero Rana who is very active in twitter is barely seen tweeting one in a day. Unit members said call sheet time of actors are 7am to 7pm and usage of cell phone is strictly prohibited during shooting hours.

If this continues then we can expect Baahubali to release before the expected date of two years.