Mohenjo Daro, Hrithik Roshan Mohenjo Daro, Bollywood movie Mohenjo Daro, Baahubali, Rajamouli,Mohenjo Daro director Ashutosh,Mohenjo Daro Trailer copyThe day has finally arrived as the trailer of Hrithik Roshan’s magnum opus Mohenjo Daro was finally unveiled today evening. There was a huge suspense filled as to how Ashutosh Gowariker would depict the bygone era.

But sadly, the trailer has nothing much going its way and is a sheer disappointment. No one expected the like of Ashutosh to deliver such average content. Films like these need proper research and looks like the maker has failed to depict the bygone era properly.

Adding insult to injury is that the trailer is really close to Baahubali’s concept and has even cut on those lines. Speaking about the editing part, the way the trailer has been edited also looks a bit out of place.

The only solace of the trailer is Hrithik who is at his sincere best. As soon as the trailer went live, critics like Kamal R Khan started mocking it big time and terming it a copy of Baahubali and they would rather watch Baahubali-2.

But having said that Ashutosh is one director who does not leave anything unturned and will make heed to the response and will act accordingly. For now, one of India’s biggest films is a disappointment right from the word go.