RRR BaahubaliSS Rajamouli likes to work with a stable core team. He has been working with the same music director (MM Keeravani) and cinematographer (Senthil Kumar) right from his first film. While Rajamouli keeps getting better and better with every successive film, it is tough for his core team to keep pace with him.

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For instance, in the newly released theatrical trailer of RRR, Keeravani’s background score didn’t draw the best of responses. The common opinion is that the ace music composer’s audio track for the trailer isn’t of his usual best standards.

Especially, Keeravani’s idea to use “Brace for Bheem” “Brace for Ram” audio bits in the trailer when the narrative is intense and emotions are flaring high didn’t pan out well. These bits are incoherent and don’t gel with the narrative.

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Keeravani delivered sublime output for the Baahubali duology. His background score was an integral part of the whole movie watching experience. He delivered one of the finest original soundtracks for any Indian film at that point in time. His work for the trailers of Baahubali 1 & 2 was also praiseworthy.

But in the case of RRR, Keeravani is yet to deliver immaculate output. The songs that were unveiled thus far are just of decent quality audio wise. The background score for the trailer is not receiving the desired response either. As of now, Keeravani who stood as one of the main positives of Baahubali is not offering considerable help to RRR’s promotional campaign. One might argue that the Naatu Naatu song has caught on quite well. But this song went viral mostly due to the sensational dance moves of Jr NTR and Ram Charan rather than the tune.

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That said, Keeravani is a beast when it comes to composing soundtracks for films with larger than life appeal. He might have saved the best for the last and might take the audience on a soul-stirring ride when RRR hits the silver screens. We have to wait till 7th January to know if that is the case.