Barely has the film been started with only a small fraction of shoot completed Baahubali directed by SS Rajamouli is already flirting with copy and plagiarism charges. This entire hullabaloo is for the making video that has been released recently. There is a video doing the rounds online which we have provided at the bottom which clearly shows where Baahubali making video has been inspired from.

On surface it’s clear that it looks like a copy and many could mistake it to be a copy which clearly seems to be the case with Baahubali. But a closer look would reveal that the so called original video is actually a promotional video of a tool showcasing a template that any creative artist could use by paying, for their promotional purpose. People take the template and add their own creative touch to it to make it look like an original work and unfortunately this is where the creative juices at Baahubali have failed them. Instead of coming up with a original looking final output they have simply inserted their footage into this available template without any work on it which is why we feel its amateurish rather than a copy or plagiarism.

It looks like the unit was under tremendous pressure for something from the film on the occasion of actor Prabhas’s birthday and the makers in the last moment came up with this hush-hush job to satisfy the fans. Shobu Yarlagadda clarified on Twitter saying they have purchased the license to make the video template for this teaser. So let’s spread the news folks, Do you think is it fare to spread the negative on this with out knowing the facts? Post your comment below.

Click Here for the video