Baahubali makers counter disaster measureBaahubali is a landmark movie not just in Telugu film industry but in entire India as well. So when a film of that stature is releasing in a new territory naturally all eyes are on the film to see how well people are receiving.

Baahubali as we all know is now slowly releasing in overseas territories one after the other. First release of the film happened to be in European market and much to everyone’s surprise it emerged as a disaster. However Europe is not the only market Baahubali got a release but people don’t seem to care about other places and are running on this disaster narrative.

It has therefore become necessary for the makers to start a counter disaster measure. The release in Taiwan and Peru has come to rescue in time. Baahubali is running to packed houses there, which naturally have been picked up by the makers to produce the positive narrative. We have to wait and see if this is enough to overcome the recent burst of negativity.

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