baahubali ticket price hikeHiking ticket price for high profile films has become a common practice in Bollywood and it all started with Murugadoss’ film in Bollywood ‘Ghajini’. Adding to this hike for big films, ticket prices of Hindi films are sometimes hiked during festivals when the rush to the theatres is maximum.

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Going by the huge budget, many Aamir Khan’s films like ‘Dhoom 3’ and ‘pk’ also took to ticket price hike besides many other big films of Shahrukh Khan and other top heroes. Rajamouli’s ‘Baahubali’ makers are also thinking on the same lines. There would probably be a ticket price hike for the movie after getting the proposal approved by the IT Minister, KT Rama Rao.

Entering 100 crore club or more isn’t the necessity of the film currently because the movie is said to be the costliest film ever made in India. It’s not only about covering the investments but also making profits. So if the strategy works and gets accepted, the ticket prices would go up from Rs.150 to Rs.250 in multiplexes. For single screens, the price hike would be applicable for weekends only.

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Ticket price hike has no restriction for Bollywood films in Mumbai, but here in Telugu states, the process is otherwise and henceforth the team of ‘Baahubali’ is waiting for the return of KTR from UK to lay the proposal before him and get his nod for Nizam area so that other areas would follow.