Baahubali-in-canesSo far, we have heard about Telugu and Tamil versions of ‘Baahubali’ being made and Bollywood film maker Karan Johar coming into scene for the Hindi version. But here is one update on the international version of ‘Baahubali’ to be cut. Producer Shobu Yarlagadda is planning of shortening the run time of the period movie.

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While ‘Baahubali’ is creating good buzz across India, so far English version for international audience is a new thing totally. Is this probably for the ongoing Cannes International Film Festival, which began on May 13 and conclude on 24th May? As we know Cannes Festival previews films from across the world.

Like ‘Eega’ which represented Telugu Cinema in many international film festivals across the world, ‘Baahubali’ getting prepared for international audience comes as no surprise. Rajamouli won many credits for ‘Eega’ on international dias.

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Henceforth roping in Francos Da Silva (former Directors’ Fortnight head, France) to represent ‘Baahubali’ in Cannes is a sign that the makers are planning to take ‘Baahubali’ and present it to international audiences. Let’s wait for more details.