Baahubali angried Karan Johar's momWhile the whole nation is raving about Rajamouli’s epic Baahubali, one person seems to be upset and angry with her son with regards to the film. Karan Johar’s mother is upset because when she saw the film’s trailer, she wondered why her son never her told her about this film. Apparently, she thought Johar had made Baahubali and never told her about it and this had apparently made her quite angry.

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When she asked Johar, he had explain to her that he hadn’t made the film and it was made by Rajamouli. He also told her that he’s presenting the film in Hindi, and feels proud to do so. Johar also introduced his mother to the work of Rajamouli.

Karan has bough the Hindi theatrical rights of both the parts of Baahubali, and the first part is slated for release on July 10. Johar admitted that it was an honour to collaborate with Rajamouli, who he had always admired.

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