Trailer-Talk-BaahubaliIt is here, the trailer that we all have been waiting for couple of years is here and it has started with a phenomenal response all over. The reception has been amazing and people, not just the Telugu audience but all over the nation have expressed amazement.

Coming to the trailer and having a breakdown of it, we can understand why it has met with such reception. The opening visuals, the grandeur it showcases is truly kind of like never seen before and this has simply bowled over the movie lovers. The rest of the parts involving the shots of the kingdom and war sequences are fine but few people opine that they could have been better, especially the special effects, the bull sequence for example.

Fans of Prabhas who were disappointed with lack of visibility of the star too are happy with what they have got here and so are admirers of Rana. All important characters have been given a glimpse off along with the basic theme of the film.

Overall while there are few musings here and there, the theatrical trailer of Baahubali has hit the mark. Thanks to some non-Telugu involvement in the project, it has also become talk of the nation courtesy these stunning visuals. It’s all up to SS Rajamouli now to take all the audience that come to see the movie on a wonder ride that they would like to revisit again and again.