Baahubali 3rd Making Video Update!

Now that two making videos of Baahubali are out and both of them received overwhelming response. Both the videos are released on the birthdays of Prabhas and Anushka and now the 3rd video will be out on December 14th which happens to be the Birthday of other main character of the movie, Daggubati Rana. As in the previous cases, the video will have a glimpse of Rana’s getup in the movie and the hard work being put in by the team to ready him.

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Baahubali will see the light for Sankranthi 2015 which is more than 14 months away. The makers want to stay in news some how all this time. Also the movie is the costliest project ever made in Telugu, so the more they hype the project, the better will be the business.