Baahubali-2-Collections-Shattering-Records-Worldwide-Historic-Opening-GrossBaahubali 2 was expected to shatter all the records that existed, and it has done so worldwide. All the territories in India and Overseas have seen new records being created. The only exception remains Tamil Nadu where the movie had a delayed release.

In Hindi, Baahubali 2 has collected over 40 Cr making it not just biggest non-Holiday opener but also the biggest opening of all time beating holiday openers as well. In Kerala, the epic conclusion has grossed nearly 6 Cr making it the highest opener of all time.

As far as Telugu goes, there even need not be a question asked. The opening is almost double the previous best. But what is more important here to notice is that, with the Telugu states opening alone, Baahubali 2 has got more numbers than all India record opening in Hindi. And finally, the US, where it was phenomenal, the premiere day found a place at the top of the US box office. It was a first in the history of Indian cinema. The combined gross of Thursday premieres and Friday is 4.5 Million.

The total gross from all the languages comes close to 200Cr. It is beyond phenomenal by any yardstick. We have to wait and see where Baahubali 2 heads to from this stunner of a start world over crossing all the language barriers.