NTR Baadshah

It is quite common for any producer to get nervous whey they work with a star hero to beat the raising expectations on the movie when it’s getting close to the release. But Bandla Ganesh who is the proud producer of young tiger’s Baadshah is not afraid at all. Rather he brazenly announces on his social page that this movie is going to be a block buster film for NTR. And he has taken a different approach in releasing working stills and poster designs through his social page which makes NTR fans to wait for first hand updates right the producer. Kudos to his confidence and let’s wish him good luck.

As we all know a grand set is being erected in Ramanaidu Studios for the audio launch this Sunday. Below is the track list of songs. Simbhu, Daler Mehendi and Baba Sehgal sang 3 songs for this album.

1. Sairo sairo
2. Banthi Poola Janaki
3. Chalaaki Pillammo
4. Diamond Girl
5. Welcome Kanakam
6 Baadshah Title Song