Recent times have seen the influence of Southern films on the Bollywood film industry such that many of the latest hits have been remakes of popular South Indian films. Case in point is the success of Ghajini (2008) to Son of Sardaar (2012). Earlier when family drama of morality ruled the film scene, South-Indian films were easily incorporated into the Bollywood fold, but this seemed to decline with time. Now-a-days the Southern films which influence its Bollywood counterpart are generally action thrillers with a backdrop of romance.

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Film scholar and Historian Rauf Ahmed analyses that, “For over a decade, post DDLJ, mush ruled. Love and romance, Khan-style rocked. Exceptions apart, it was the flavor of the day and the audiences loved it. Loud melodrama, violence or anything overstated was considered cheap. Action-films too were sent to the cleaners because B-town only copied Hollywood without their technical virtuosity, panache or flair.”