Bollywood actress Rishika Singh had been maintaining a low profile following her breakup with fiancee Sandeep. But things have now come to a head and Rishika is once more in the news. And this time it is over the issue of uploading objectionable clips of her on YouYube.

Rishika had been signed on for a film called Yaradre Nanagenu directed by Basheed on the launch of which protests was heard from many organizations who were against the film for showing Rishika semi-nude in the posters. But Rishika insisted that the pictures had been altered with computer graphics.

The film was shelved but allegedly, director Basheed has leaked the old video on the internet to gain some advertising for his latest film Benki Birugali which hit the screens last week thus causing Rishika to file a complaint against him with the Police. Below is the leaked video.

RK with CBN