B-Grade’ Back Then Is Now ‘Glamorous’-ShakeelaShakeela as a South Indian Actress was known for the adult films she did in Malayalam. During her hay days, she gave tough competition to superstars like Mammootty and Mohanlal who even demanded to ban her films as she had been denting into the collections of their respective movies.

Though it looks like a super ride, she was degraded as a B-Grade actress whose adult films which were soft porn were considered synonymous to ‘Blue Films’. Shakeela said that it was a big challenge to work in adult movies as she had to master a particular attitude, walk and the way she emotes for the sake of the seductive characters she essayed.

Now, the same ‘B-Grade’ is said to be ‘Glamorous’ opines Shakeela whose life had been a bumpy ride with a lot of struggles minged with stardom that took her to the heights and then threw her down again. Filmmaker Indrajith Lankesh is making a biopic on Shakeela featuring Bollywood actress Richa Chadha in the lead.