Awkward Working Relationship for Simbu-Nayantara

Broken up couple Simbu and Nayanthara had previously signed up for an upcoming flick by Pandiraj. But even as the couple tries to move on and seem to be acting professionally around each other at the sets, the people around them are making them uncomfortable with their stares. Whenever Simbu addresses his dialogues to Nayan on the sets, it seems that entire crew keeps a lookout. They all keep staring which is making Simbu uncomfortable.

Simbu and Nayanthara have a working history, having previously paired up for ‘Vallabha’ which was written and directed by Simbu himself. This new project while not written by Simbu has been produced by him. Nayanthara will take on the role of a lovable girl-next-door Mylaa. The music has been composed by Simbu’s brother Kuralarasan.