Avunu Movie Review

Avunu is a watchable thriller with many good things and few minor glitches like abrupt climax.

110 Minutes


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What is ‘Avunu’ about?
Mohini(Poorna) and Harsha(Harshavardhan) are newly married couple. They shift to a villa in the outskirts of Hyderabad after marriage. Their life takes sudden twist with strange things start happening after Harsha’s parents (chalapathi Rao, Rajeswari) come over there. What are they? forms the actual story.

Is this a perfect Ravi Babu film?
Ravi Babu had earned a special place for himself in audience with his unique selection of subjects and treating them well. Avunu also falls in the same category.

Is it a horror film?
This is a wrong impression. It is a kind of suspense thriller.

How is the direction?
Ravi Babu had handled the subject well but faltered a bit in the second half when the audience feel the movie is dragged. Also the climax of the movie is abrupt. The screenplay are interesting. The narration is bit slow with more blank frames.

How is Poorna?
Oh man! she is an asset to the movie. She had changed her personality and suited to the role of a house wife perfectly.

What about the rest?
The movie has very limited characters as every movie of this genre have. Harsha Vardhan is good.And rest are okay.

How is Sekhar Chandra’s Music?
The back ground score and the sound effects of the movie are awesome and suited to the mood of the movie. There are no songs in the movie.

How is the Cinematography?
Ravi always chooses a color pattern for his film, this time he has gone with White color with light sea green and light Grey border. The color grading is good and it gave the complete movie a single tone. He used static camera unlike the other makers who use awkward angles in such movies

What are the highlights?
Performances(poorna), Thrilling scenes

What about its box office prospects?
The movie is made with a very low budget and making use of digital technology. Given Ravi Babu’s popularity, it should do well commerically.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes. It is good if not great!