Avengers-Endgame-Mania-Conquer-Rajamouli's-Baahubali-2The worldwide phenomena and frenzy of Avengers are finally felt in India, courtesy Avengers: Endgame. An unprecedented and never before hysteria is seen across the multiplexes with reports of servers crashing coming out.

Naturally, the fans and trade would be excited to know, therefore, what Avengers: Endgame could achieve at the box office. The comparison would be made with the best, and that’s where Baahubali 2 comes in to picture. Remember we are talking about pan-India numbers and mainly focussing on Bollywood.

Right now the advances record is with Baahubali 2 across multiplex and Thugs of Hindostan follows it. When it comes to the opening day, Thugs of Hindostan is at the top, and Baahubali 2 is next. However, the latter is still a non-Holiday record which brings in comparison with Avengers which is also arriving on a normal working day.

Will Avengers: Endgame match the hysteria of Baahubali 2 and cross the non-holiday opening day record in India will be keenly observed. It also means the superhero flick would have gone past many Bollywood biggies by a margin and also set the target for the new releases. The fantastic thing here would be achieving the feat with less number of screens in case that happens as Hollywood movie don’t get the full release an Indian biggie gets.

Right now, all we are looking at is the openings, if the talk of the Avengers: Endgame comes out positive it would set the ball rolling for a whole lot of other embarrassments for Bollywood. Watch this space to find out what they are?