Avatar To Smash Telugu Hero’s Film?When two big event films are releasing alongside each other, it is obvious for everyone to draw comparisons between them, regardless of the scale and the credibility of those involved.

We might see something very similar in the next couple of months as Avatar and Adipurush head for theatrical release.

Avatar is obviously a million miles apart in almost every aspect. This film will surely have breathtakingly beautiful VFX and CGI. Then in just two weeks time, the Indian audience will watch Adipurush.

Avatar 2 is a VFX heavy film and so is Adipurush. The quality of the VFX is incomparable on intellect front. But given the close proximity of the release, there will be comparisons between the two.

After seeing world class VFX in Avatar, the quality of the graphics in Adipurush will obviously seem substandard.

Avengers End Game is top grosser in South Indian with Rs 131 crores gross. It is reported that Avatar 2 will have a breakeven mark of Rs 400 crores.

While it isn’t even right to compare the VFX of these two films, but the comparisons are unavoidable. This is a tricky situation that team Adipurush will have to face. There might be a fair bit of criticism to follow as well, given the VFX we saw in the teaser.