Avatar-2-The-Way-of-Water-usa-James Cameron’s Avatar 2, the sequel to epic box office blockbuster Avatar opened in theaters globally today. Here’s a brief look at the USA premieres estimate of the action epic.

Avatar 2 is reportedly on course to register a $17 million Thursday premiere in the USA. This is much lesser than recent Marvel release Wakanda Forever which had a $28.5 million Thursday night.

The preview day and opening day advances for the James Cameron creation are around 53%, which again is lesser than a superhero film – around 70% on average.

The major difference here in the case of Avatar 2 is the preference of the audience. The audience who are versed with technical finesse are waiting for perfect seating arrangements at premium screening facilities to experience the film on big screens.

It is reported that the mentioned factors could result in Avatar not getting exceptional advance bookings. The audience want to watch the epic in the perfect manner at premium screening facilities, rather than urging to watch it hurriedly in any theater. What this could lead to it slow but steady progress at the box office.

The film comes with a global break-even target of $2 billion and it needs to have a sensationally good run at the box office if it is to achieve the same.