Avatar-2-Andhra-Pradesh-Telangana-StateTelugu audiences are showing that they’re true cinema fanatics. The advance bookings trend for Avatar 2 more than clearly proves the same.

Avatar 2 pre-sales are reportedly on an underwhelming note across India. However, that isn’t the case in AP and Telangana.

Avatar 2 ticket sales in AP and Telangana alone constitute half of the all-India sales and that speaks for itself. The film is registering an excellent bookings trend across the twin Telugu states.

The trend is very disappointing in Northern India though. The bookings are not on an expected level in the plexes across the Northern part of the country. This might result in underwhelming openings if the momentum isn’t injected by tomorrow.

The film is set for grand slam theatrical release on the 16th of this month and it will be releasing in a record-breaking 52,000 screens across the globe, which is the highest-ever tally for any film.

The box office projections for the opening weekend are likely to be out tomorrow. Stay tuned as Mirchi9 will be sharing a comprehensive box office projection report later in the day tomorrow.