Avatar-2-India-Talk-And-ReviewsAvatar 2 opened in theaters globally today. The film released in the most number of theaters for any international film till now and the stakes couldn’t have been any higher. The early reviews and the social media word of mouth is out now and here’s brief report on the same.

The first and foremost verdict on Avatar is that the film boasts of visual imagery that was never before seen on the big screens. The visual grandeur is said to be unlike anything anyone’s experienced before.

But there are obvious shortcomings when it comes to the core story and storytelling itself. There are also complaints about the run-time.

The common verdict is that the visual presentation is on an unprecedented level but there are some complaints about the storytelling and run-time.

The film is sure to collect over Rs 35 crores nett in India on its opening day and it might go to Rs 40 crores if the evening and night shows pick up big time.