Avatar-2-Shot-On-$1-Billion-BudgetAvatar 2 opened in theaters worldwide yesterday, 16th December. The film opened to mixed reports. Its box office run will be interesting to watch now.

Coming to the point, Avatar 2 – Way Of Water has reportedly been shot on a budget of $350-400 million dollars.

The combined budget for Avatar 2,3, and 4 will be at a staggering $1 billion making it one of the costliest ever franchises in the making.

The director James Cameron had revealed that parts 4, and 5 could be scrapped if the second and third parts fail at the box office. But the third part will be released regardless as over $100 million is spent on its making already.

James Cameron went on to describe Avatar franchise’s production plan as one of the riskiest and fiscally irresponsible ones.

With Avatar 2’s breakeven locked at $2 billion, the films needs to go big at the box office if the upcoming parts are to progress smoothly.