Avatar-2-The-Way-of-Water-reviewsAvatar 2 is the biggest Hollywood theatrical outing in a while now. The stakes are really high this time around as the film hits theaters worldwide with a breakeven target of a whopping $2 Billion.

The world premiere of Avatar 2 was held in London and the early reviews are out now.

“Happy to say Avatar: The Way of Water is phenomenal. Bigger, Better, and more emotional than Avatar 1” a review from a top Hollywood critic read.

“Never doubt James Cameron. He has raised the bar in terms of riveting storytelling and blockbuster VFX, CGI. The beauty of Pandora is breathtakingly beautiful.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this on a cinema screen before. It’s beyond comprehensible on visual and technical standpoint. I’d miss the plot sometimes as I’m lost in the visual beauty of pandora.” Another review read.

Well, the early reviews are overwhelmingly positive for for the 3 hour-10 minute long celluloid conceived and executed by James Cameron. But the real question here is, can the film reach the stellar worldwide breakeven point of $2 Billion?

The film opens in cinemas worldwide on the 16th of December.