Avasarla's directorial tips from acting

Known for several memorable roles in his career so far, actor Srinivasa Avasarla has turned director with the new Telugu film Oohalu Gusa Gusalade, which is based on French play Cyrrano De Bergerac. For Srini, being an actor actually came in handy on his directorial debut. From casting and handling actors, his stint as an actor helped him shoot with no hassle.

He said that not only he learnt how to handle his actors on sets from the film’s he worked as actor, but also understood several facets from filmmaking. From managing sets to location hunting, he learnt all this as an actor because he has seen all that over the years and said that it really made his job as a director very easy.

Going forward, more than acting, he wants to concentrate on direction. Although, that doesn’t mean he will stop acting but he will ensure to not get stereotyped in his roles and try to do different characters.