There were times earlier when awards were considered as the fruits of big hard work and a pat on the shoulder to increase competitiveness among the film makers. But things have turned topsy turvy in recent times. The advent of Television and brand associations had changed the award ceremonies more frequent. There are atleast 10-15 award ceremonies bringing the entire concept of awards in question.

If you have observed a recent awards function that too place in a far off country. The stars who attended the event some how or other got hands on an award in different categories. And interestingly, even the deserving people who do not attend the events are not on the list. For example, Nitya Menon is the unarguable choice for the Best Female debut of the year for Ala Modhalaindhi, but the two award ceremonies that took place this year have convincingly missed out her.

Lets wish the entire concept of awards do not become a joke in near future!