Few years ago, audio functions are all about few speeches by the guests and the crew and launching of the audio, the advent of Entertainment channels and the thirst for TRP ratings have increased the scope and range of these functions. Audio functions have become a glam thing due to the live telecast but painfully they are not interesting though. All the functions do follow the same template. There are audio visuals (AV) praising the star, director and music director of the movie screened at regular intervals. Then there is the regular stuff of dancers dancing to the tunes of the songs in the movie and to other popular numbers of the hero.

Are these functions failure? Definitely not! All the functions of the big heroes manage to get huge crowds to the venues and big TRPs on Televisions. But the success is certainly attributed to the star power of the heroes not due to the creative content of the events.

Rajamouli had conceptualized his recent audio function of Eega and succeeded to make it interesting. Lets hope the other directors take a cue from him and use some of their movie creativity to conceptualise such shows for the promotion of their own movies.