Audience shell out Big Bucks for Big Stars

Film industry is surely a lucrative one since it earns a lot of money. To increase it even more, these days the filmmakers and even distributors have taken to increase the price on the tickets of the movies that feature big stars. Indeed, this has become the new trend of India and these ticket price hikes have become one of the greater causes of high box office earnings. Case in point is Krrish 3, which when released for Diwali last month, had its ticket price raised by more than even fifty percent in some cases. Even in the case of Chennai Express, prices were raised more than ₹1000 per ticket at some places due to it having big stars.

And now that it is time for Dhoom 3 to be released for Christmas holidays, the viewers are expected to once again shell out the big bucks. According to popular tabloid report that prices can go as high as Rs 500 just at the regular multiplexes, where as in our case stars like Mahesh, Pawan, NTR and Ram Charan films will have huge demand for black ticket market on the opening day at theaters.