Dasara Nani Audience FeedbackThe trailer of Nani’s upcoming raw and rustic drama, Dasara, was out yesterday, and the response is great from all quarters. The film seems to be a blood-soaked, intense tale of one man’s uprising from a small village in Telangana, Veerlapally. The film tries to narrate the story of the uprising of the laborers working in coal mines with Nani as their unlikely leader.

Nani has undergone an unbelievable makeover for this film. He has completely transformed himself, and he looks completely believable in the role of labor leader from Telangana. From the trailer itself, the audience has accepted him in the role, which is a big bonus for Nani.

Usually, the audience doesn’t accept chocolaty or family-friendly heroes immediately in an action film or massy film. It’s very difficult for any actor who has done romantic roles or urban roles for many years to suddenly transform himself into an action hero soaked in blood. It is even more difficult to make the audience convinced about such a transformation.

Nani also has done an ace job as far as making the audience accept him in the violent and rugged role in Dasara. It will also give him the confidence to try out unconventional roles in the future as well.

Now, it all depends on the story, screenplay, and direction to deliver. If the content clicks with the audience, then Dasara might turn out that big game changer for Nani, for which he has been waiting for many years.