Director Srikanth OdelaNani’s Dasara became a superhit at the box office and gave the Telugu film industry a talented and tech-savvy director like Srikanth Odela.

Srikanth impressed everyone by delivering success in a genre only experienced directors like Sukumar could succeed. His authentic narration of the raw and rustic tale in Singareni mines won him a lot of applause from critics as well as the audience.

But Srikanth Odela is not able to cash in on its success as he can. Because of his extremely introverted nature or for whatever reasons, he is not able to register himself in the minds of the audience.

Usually, a filmmaker, especially one who is new to the industry, will try to promote himself as well along with his movie so that their name gets registered into the psyche of the film buffs. So when he comes with his next movie after the initial success, people associate him with a certain identity.

There are many directors who hog the limelight despite making a poor film. And then get trolled later for making over-the-top statements. On the other hand, Srikanth Odela, who has made a successful debut, is shying away from owning its success. His film has spoken; now it is his turn!

This kind of ‘shy’ attitude might not prove beneficial to him in the long run. We hope that for his second film, he will show improvement.

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