Attempt To Brand Tollywood As Kamma WoodNatti Kumar, a small producer has been taking anti-Tollywood stance in the issue of ticket prices in Andhra Pradesh. He is a big support of the untenable prices of Andhra Pradesh in the name of representing small films. He seems to be trying to widening the gap between industry and the government further.

In a TV debate last night, he made stunning comments. “I am an EC member of Telugu film chamber of commerce and is the Joint Secretary. For the last two years, I am insisting on meeting Jagan Mohan Reddy. They said this Government will fall in one year and our government will come,” Natti Kumar said.

Our Government here means the TDP Government and Kamma Government. Obviously this seems to be an attempt to showcase the Telugu film industry as supporters of TDP and the Kamma community. We all know how Jagan Government is already not in terms with that community.

YSR Congress supporters are already calling Tollywood as Kamma Wood. These statements may widen the gap further between the government and industry. It’s high time industry biggies should interfere and rein people like him.