Attarintiki Daredi added scenes disappoint!

The hype and hoopla made by Attarintiki Daredi is busted. The widely publicized new scenes were finally added in the theaters but the fans who are eagerly waiting for them are disappointed big time. There is a scene between Pawan Kalyan and Samantha added in the first half which is good. There is a small scene of Brahmanandham added in the second half which is of no effect. And the making video of Katama Rayuda in the recording studio is attached just before the rolling credits at the end of the movie.

Fans who have expected more are disappointed with these scenes. Critics who have watched the movie are of the opinion that this may not help the movie any further. An extra song would have brought more effect to the movie collections. Anyways, Attarintiki Daredi is comfortably sitting in the Number one position in the all time grossers list and is the new industry hit after about 4 years.